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The Mac Pro is a series of workstations and servers designed, manufactured and sold by Apple . A bit EFI firmware was not introduced until the MacPro3,1, earlier models can only operate as bit despite Notably, due to its FB-DIMM architecture, installing more RAM in the Mac Pro will improve its memory bandwidth.

I tried it and still no luck. Strange, it has to be a setting. A few questions on the Tech Preview, can you use extensions with it? It seemed to have all my bookmarks, but my password manager extension wasn't there? I'll try to answer the best I can.

Netflix or Hulu working for you in Safari?

Extensions work in the Tech Preview just like in regular safari. You just need to install them separately. I use iCloud Keychain and my passwords transferred over to Tech Preview, might be different if you're using third party but I'm not sure. Correct, I believe everyone on High Sierra is using Safari 11 beta right now.

Tech Preview includes some more features and is considered to be more unstable. Thank you. If I weren't using it I surely would use iCloud Keychain. It seems very competent.

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I think I will stick with regular Safari beta for now you did mean "unstable" right and not "stable"? Hopefully, Netflix, Hulu and Showtime will start working in Safari or the next release.

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I don't really want to use Chrome. Yeah, Tech Preview gets hiccups when visiting some poorly optimized websites but it's nothing too bad. I use Safari 11 as my main right now and log on to the Tech Preview from time to time. Sorry you're still experiencing issues, and I hope they get back to working again! Edit: I do have Flash installed on Safari 11 as well btw, and I do enable it for some websites. I didn't see if you tried that or not, but it could be a temporary solution. Aug 18, 4, 1, Upstate NY.

Netflix wasn't working for me on High Sierra beta until I installed Silverlight solved it for me.

Microsoft Silverlight for Mac - Download

MacGizmo macrumors Apr 27, 1, Arizona. There's also a known issue with Netflix where you get the Oopps! I don't know. The screen works fine, but Netflix refuses to load even on the iMac screen when the external display is plugged-in.

Damn, I still can't get Netflix, Hulu or Showtime to play on the latest build. I think I have tried everything. That's a good sign. If you changed this setting, quit and restart Firefox to trigger another scan.

I keep getting prompted to install Silverlight.

If you check the Add-ons page, Plugins section again, can you find the missing plugin there now? Remove Firefox's plugin registry file Sometimes the pluginreg. When you return to the Add-ons page, does the missing plugin finally appear there? Read this answer in context 2.

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