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The Mac Pro is a series of workstations and servers designed, manufactured and sold by Apple . A bit EFI firmware was not introduced until the MacPro3,1, earlier models can only operate as bit despite Notably, due to its FB-DIMM architecture, installing more RAM in the Mac Pro will improve its memory bandwidth.

I realised this in but the oldest binary remaining on the download page was , so I was unable to refine this change to a specific build. My girlfriend has Mac OS X On both my Ubuntu laptops Maybe that helps narrow down where the bug is, it is after the call dialog code.

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Attached are the logs for the latest build and some automatic crash reports generated by Mac OS X intended to be sent to Apple. I have found another way to crash SC only on the Mac so it is probably related and may help you track down the problem. Typing something into the 'Enter name or number' search box will crash SC on the Mac on all the builds I've tried so far:.

On all these builds clicking the call history clock button does not crash SC. Furthermore, typing something into the search box when in call history view works as expected and does not crash SC. I have attached a report of a crash caused by typing a 'j' into the search box on the latest build. I also notice on all these builds that there is a small delay between typing a 'j' and SC crashing. In this delay a collapsible 'Call history' list appears below the contact list and will often display a few results before crashing but sometimes, especially if I type something as soon as SC starts, SC will crash before the Call history list has a chance to show any search results.

Step 2: Open Up Terminal

Build is still in the dock so Snow Leopard cannot benefit from new features and bug fixes in newer builds. I am surprised that such a critical bug has not been discovered by anyone else. Certainly not. There simply seems to be something on your system that causes SC to crash there. Apport is the reporting system for crashes and failures in Ubuntu.

However, on the period of my usage for 13 different Ubuntu releases from Apport always used to show crash messages suddenly with no reason or real crash behind it. It never did its job. This cause them to be so slow in boot, beside many other issues.

Making Ubuntu 10.04 look like a Mac (using Elementary & Docky)

If you want, you can remove their Snaps and install them as packages, just like all the other software on your system using the following commands:. By default, not all the available repositories are enabled on Ubuntu. Some of them contain closed-source applications and other copyrighted programs. Which is why they are not enabled by default.

However, if you want those programs like Flash, codecs or Skype.. You can enable them. Make sure you have them activated like this:.

After you reload the package information via Synaptic or sudo apt update command. You can now browse those repositories from Synaptic to see what software you may need:. If you want this extra performance especially if you are a gamer. You can install them from the drivers tab in Software Sources:. Firefox is the default web browser in Ubuntu. Since you are — probably — going to use it everyday. You try many other available web browsers.

MacUbuntu-10.04 V2.3: Change appearance ubuntu desktop 10.04 like Mac OS X

Probably, the most famous alternative is Chromium. Which is actually Google Chrome, without the Google branding and built-in spyware. You may also try Vivaldi , another web browser which is based on Chromium. However, Vivaldi offers a different graphical user interface beside a lot of other options for power users. You can download it from here. You can simply change it. Each interface has its own pros and cons. Just like tastes, everybody likes something different. You can check the look of each one of them to see which one is best for you. Just install the one you would use on daily basis.

Sometimes we may have different proprietary multimedia files and we would like to play them.

Unfortunately, you will need to download another set of packages into your system. This is done via:. Backups are very important. Even if you think that you may never need them.

Make Ubuntu Look Like Mac OSX In Seconds Using Macbuntu ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog

You will. Especially if you have some important files on it like your projects or books or family pictures.. Nobody would like to go through that. There are many software which you can use. Dropbox offers a desktop-compatible software which you can install on your system in order to keep your files synchronized with your Dropbox account it will create a folder called Dropbox in your home folder, store your important files there.

You can also use Google Drive if you want. Or if you are an experienced user and you have a server near you, you may try NextCloud to deploy your own private cloud on the Internet, it even has a medical app!

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