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The Mac Pro is a series of workstations and servers designed, manufactured and sold by Apple . A bit EFI firmware was not introduced until the MacPro3,1, earlier models can only operate as bit despite Notably, due to its FB-DIMM architecture, installing more RAM in the Mac Pro will improve its memory bandwidth.

I also gotta say the issue of intgration between Premiere and After Effects and Photoshop is overstated. I export AE projects as an [alpha mapped] image sequence. I then have a dedicated vegas project file which references all the images.

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I then simply use that project file as a single video event on the timeline in my master project. No special branded 'integration' required. So AE is very optional but I love using it. If I am integrating from a 3D program, again, I can use alpha mapped image sequences. Sony now promotes Hitfilm as an advanced compositor, but I haven't used it much and my go-to app is still AE. This fuzzy idea that there is some advantages to cross app workflow simply because the apps are from the one manufacturer, is a myth.

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All you mention can be handled by Edius and almost all other NLEs as well. My friend uses Vegas and as I dropped by at his place with my laptop we've done a comparison. Edius was able to handle more FX without rendering even thru he had a lot more powerful workstation than my laptop. I've been using Sony Vegas also, for about four years now, and I've noticed the same thing, like it's the red headed step child.


I use if for just my own personal projects and found that it was a lot easier to learn than some of the others. I cut in Vegas for 8 years. I still use it from time to time to do small things. But it's buggy as all get out and has been since V7 or so. It does NOT play well with others, it's round trip capability has always been horrible, and it is not suitable as a cutter for either broadcast or film.

After speaking directly to the project lead and offering my concerns, I had to finally jump to a pro level tool. So I jumped to Avid. All my problems went away overnight. Editors have better to do than wasting their precious time to get this thing to run in a deterministic way I was a Vegas fan boy and heavy user for years. I wasted many hours of my time as a beta tester for Sony Creative Software, and contacted projects leads and others in charge at SCS, trying to get them to pay attention to the growing instability of their software. Apparently, milking the dwindling Vegas customer base for paid yearly updates was more important than creating a solid product.

I'll always have a place in my editing heart for Vegas, but Premiere CC is so much more stable, I can't justify using Vegas when it crashes so often. All the money and time I spent on Sony software is largely pointless now, and I'm forced to repurchase all the plugins for the Adobe ecosystem now. Thankfully, the learning curve to Premiere hasn't been so bad and the shortcuts are more natural to me now than Vegas shortcuts.

Edius is currently owned by GV, a major player in broadcast equipment for decades. Vegas is currently owned by Sony, a major player in broadcast equipment for decades. Both were acquired by a major player in broadcast equipment do I repeat myself, hehe , and both play second or even third fiddle to their owners' main business.

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Both get second or third rate marketing efforts. I just recently started using Edius as an alternative to Premiere Pro. I have both and figured I'd just give Edius a try. I haven't gone back to Premiere. Things I like best about Edius: 1 Waveform monitor updates instantaneously and Premiere is very very slow, 2 multicam editing -- I like the way it works in Edius and if things get too slow with multiple cameras, you can turn off effects and skip frames so it doesn't slow down; 3 as an editor i.

I did the Lynda. I came to the conclusion that there is no way you could be super-fast with this thing Premiere. It's just a slow clunky workflow on the timeline. Just my opinion. Premiere is the fastest NLE I have ever used playback wise, and the shortcuts are all totally customizable.

I have a very fast system though so that may make a difference. For keys, I use a modified version of FCP 7 shortcuts. Never tried Edius. After using Premiere CC every day for the last week, I have become a full convert. I had been on the fence since switching from FCP 7 to CS5 Editing a sizzle reel now, and I sync'd 4 days of dual system sound and 3 cameras in 8 hours with the built in sync feature.

The damn software is literally adding days back to my life.

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With Edius I dump an hour on the Time line and edit in seconds. For a real world test, check both app's resource use during playback with the same footage. PP is still quite bloated. I use Adobe After Effects alot, so having Premiere has always been part of the package and has grown into a great piece of software. I edited with FCP 7 for 6 months and hated it. For straightforward editing, its just so much faster to do things with it, IMO. So to wrap up my thoughts, There's many great NLE's out there and all do some things better than others.

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But if you want something that handles so much in real time and faster than most, then I recommend Edius. And finally tried out Edius. For about 2 years I didn't switched back. The major reason was the speed. All that I'm able to do on my 2. Consolidate a project is even more awesome - it creates an extreme tiny proxy based project and gives the ability to transfer the whole project to an USB stick for working on an other powerless machine core2duo is more than fast enough and easily switch back synchronize to the full resolution project on my host machine. There is also an AfterEffect bridge to import AE plugins.

Many fx aren't compatible and only some works fine, but I never saw this feature on an other NLE. When I first entered digital editing in , I had my "5-S's" 1. Stability--nothing more stable than Canopus, now Edius 2. Speed--Canopus and Edius always very high performance. Support--Canopus support legendary. Edius continues the tradition. Scaleability--NLE just get faster and faster with computer upgrade One and five have faded in importance. But Stability, Speed, and Support are as important as ever.

Three and five have faded in importance.

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Personally I'm open to trying all the software Crazy timing though!!! Just this weekend, I launched a beta version of a user-driven site called 'The Digital Slice' www. The best thing about Edius is that you can mix any kind of codecs and frame rates and resolutions on the same timeline. You can also uprez and downrez and it looks really good even without hardware conversion.

This is perfect for people who edit documentaries and TV.

Edius has some great codecs, like Canopus HQ for instance that speeds up the workflow. I used it for more then one year now and it's rock solid. Works on almost any computer with any hardware setup. What about lightworks you guys, i've been editing as a processional for the last 10 years and have worked with all the majors, avid, fcp, sony xpri and quantel, and the one i like the most was Quantel paintbox suite. Is the by far the fastest and more acurate for editors but unfortunatly i dont have the money to buy one for me.

But last month i gave lightworks a chance and after one day or two i was able to cut and trim faster than my loved fcp7. It is a very simple but powerfoul nle and im waiting for the mac version to see how stable and fast it is on my Macpro suite. What you guys thing? Can you gave him also a try. It's speedy for basic editing but as soon as you start color correcting and adding effects, it slows to a crawl and crashes at least twice an hour. Canopus Edius Pro 3. Edius Pro video tutorials. Has to be one of the best editing software packages around.

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Real-time effects so you can see as you go. Lots of assistance available on the Grassvalley forums including in-depth tutorials available for color correction. Review by Pachycephalic on Dec 10, Version: 6. Best editor I've ever used. Looking to upgrade to Edius 6. You can drag anything to the timeline and works without a hitch.

Oh and no pesky stops to render. These guys are lightyears ahead of adobe. I'm using this software for about 1 year and I'm giving it 10 points for functionality. This is the best video editing program!