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The Mac Pro is a series of workstations and servers designed, manufactured and sold by Apple . A bit EFI firmware was not introduced until the MacPro3,1, earlier models can only operate as bit despite Notably, due to its FB-DIMM architecture, installing more RAM in the Mac Pro will improve its memory bandwidth.

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Mac Miller's "Jump" Has A Bill Murray Reference You Missed

By the time Missy was finally preparing her solo album, she was one-half of the hottest songwriting and production team in music. She and Timbaland were everywhere, and she became legendary for her larger-than-life features and clever, infectious hooks on outside projects.

Rap Genius Back In Google After 10 Day Penalty, Ranks For Its Name But What About Lyrics?

Not even Timbaland. Keep them receipts coming, Missy! With a smile and a wink, Pops will instruct you to heed the angel on your shoulder but leave a little room for what the devil has to say too. The comedian, writer, and part-time model exuded Black cool without trying.

In those moments, he managed to inspire many of the comedians shining on the stage and on the screen. Basically, if it was Black and funny, you had to have Witherspoon and his specialized brand of comedy come through and make a sitcom writing staff look like geniuses. If they give you one line, make it the one line everybody remembers. But Pops tripled up on it.

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Legend is a word overused when we talk about our greats who have moved on to that leisure suit in the sky, but Spoon gifted us with over five generations of comedy. His relevance was staked in his ability to reinvent. Thank you dcimprov and johnnywitherspoon for a weekend of sold out shows!!! A post shared by www.

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So many Black men in Detroit, Chicago, Philly, and many other cities across the country avoided a fatal outcome because Pops told us to use the only two weapons God gave us. Always working. Always there for us. Inside of every Black man exists a mix of a conscious-outthink-your-enemy like Huey and a chest-out-in-ignorance Riley-like character that are dually at odds.

You win some, you lose some, but you live to fight another day. Legacy is not appreciated as much as it should be in Black entertainment. We like to differentiate between generations and downplay anyone not doing as better as yesterday's icons.

But John Witherspoon was a direct plug between Pryor and the many young up-and-coming comedians he was gracious enough to let open for him. Comedian Lil Rel had plans to showcase some of that legacy soon with Witherspoon in mind. My condolences pour out to his wife of 31 years Angela, and sons Alexander and John David. We just say thank you for sharing him with us. He's also the host of the Classic Black Dude podcast.

Get a laugh or two in from his socials theeclarkjones.

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Halloween snuck up on us this year. Kids, parents, and some of our favorite artists and celebrities went all out with some of the spookiest, funniest, and flyest costumes this year. And as always, their styles were and are entertaining. From the Wilsons to the Carters to the Obamas Halloween round Thank you Gab for such a fun party. Happy early birthday to us! Another year, another costume. The Johnsons do it again. Shout out to blackishabc hair, makeup, and wardrobe for killing the Halloween game. A post shared by jeezy on Oct 29, at pm PDT. A post shared by lilpump on Oct 24, at pm PDT.

A post shared by saweetie saweetie on Oct 30, at am PDT.

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Witherspoon is survived by his wife, two sons and "a large family," the statement said. John used to say 'I'm no big deal,' but he was a huge deal to us.

[MV] Genius - LSD ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth Lyric | NextEnglish

He was a Legend in the entertainment industry, and a father figure to all who watched him over the years. The company explained in a blog post today that it received a manual action notice from Google on Christmas Day accusing it of unnatural linking, which resulted in a penalty. The Rap Genius post detailed some of the linking practices the company has done and how it tried to correct what it thought Google objected to, which included asking people to remove links as well as disavowing links.

The post concluded with an apology:. We regret our foray into irrelevant unnatural linking.

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  4. Every Rap Song That Mentions Monica Lewinsky!
  5. Rap Genius was never banned from Google. Instead, it was slapped with a penalty that appears to have made its content that would normally show in the first page of Google listings slip to the sixth page sometimes called a penalty. The drop lasted for 10 days is about the same for another big brand that was hit with a penalty over linking early last year, Interflora, which found itself penalized for 11 days.

    Searchmetrics analyzed some of the terms sending Rap Genius traffic that it took hits for, as well as the overall drop in is search visibility. This seems likely because the site started with a focus on rap lyrics hence its name while many older sites have been far more encompassing.